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Customized Training Material

Whether starting your clinical trial, evaluating samples, or training your team on how to best use one of our devices, the M.C. Johnson Company will be with you every step of the way. In addition to custom marketing materials, we also provide:

  • Custom training videos specific to your facility
  • On-site representation for large scale trials
  • Video conferencing with clinicians and trial participants
  • In-house product testing


Download the CATH-SECURE® LOCK Application Poster for use in your facility.


See how our securement devices measure up against the competition.


For a full list of products, download the 2022 M.C. Johnson catalog.


Please visit our Youtube page for instructional application and proper removal videos.


Please view our rational and fact sheet regarding proper catheter securement procedures.


Test Drive Our Products

We strive to provide excellence in quality that ensures you and your patients are using the very best products.